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What Is Secured Cities?

Secured Cities combines the best content in municipal surveillance with leading education in the top security verticals - transit, healthcare and campus security.

A collaborative peer-to-peer venue, Secured Cities provides the only platform where public/private partnership initiatives, including technology, funding and budget issues, can be discussed, ideas shared and solutions reached through comprehensive education and networking opportunities.

Unlike many securities venues, with Secured Cities, education extends beyond the classroom. Join us for off-site tours that provide practical applications that highlight how unified technology solutions work.

Secured Cities is the one place, nationally, where all of the major stakeholders in protecting America’s urban areas and suburbs meet to discuss latest in staffing, technology, best practices and lessons learned in the fight against crime and terror.

Justification Letter

Justification Letter

What attendees have to say...

“Choosing a security conference which provides the “best bang for the buck” and most important choosing one that focuses specifically with focused disciplines are difficult to find. During this time of year, for many years, I attended the local ISC East Venue in NYC. I was not familiar with “Secured Cities” until this year and was very interested that you provided general knowledge based seminars and then specific focused group venues such as Secured Campus. Bringing this broad then focused group of security professionals together was a home run for me, thus exceeding my expectations. Mark me down for next year to attend!”

–Paul Midura, Senior Manager, Site Protection
Princeton University

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Justification Letter

For more information, contact:

Caitlin Bieda
Sales Manager, Secured Cities
800-547-7377 ext. 1425

Steve Lasky
Conference Director, Secured Cities
800-547-7377 ext. 2221

Ed Nichols
Vice President, Public Safety
800-547-7377 ext. 1606